Are You at a Crossroads, Too?

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Although I wrote this article more than two years ago, I re-read it often and tonight decided I should share it with a wider audience.


Today I presented at PRNews’ Social Media 20/20 Summit. I’m not one of those speakers who only pops in for their session, rather I enjoy learning from other people’s presentations & building relationships so I attended the entire day. There were several amazing speakers but one in particular truly resonated with me today. Brian Solis was a guest during lunch where Steve Goldstein asked him a series of interview questions. The last question aimed at Brian was about reinvention. If you know anything about Brian, you know he is constantly in a state of evolution and this is one of the reasons I admire him.

Brian began his answer with a strong statement, “Everyone is at a crossroads right now, one path takes you where you want to be and the other path continues business as usual.” He also said, “the next few years will happen TO us or BECAUSE of us”.

Brian went on to say most of his life he thought he was an asshole. Hey — he said it. He felt this way because he found himself constantly questioning the status quo. Questioning everything. His ability to accelerate his career was impacted by this characteristic. He kept going, though and now continues “design thinking” instead of the ever popular buzz phrase “critical thinking”. Design thinking is about building ideas up instead of tearing them down.

In that moment I truly identified with Brian — whom I had not met in person until today. I have constantly not only asked the questions, but also sought the answers and worked to provide solutions to challenges I saw. To create ease and efficiency — even if the road there was a bumpy one. Turns out — people don’t liked to be questioned; especially people who aren’t open to new ideas and limitless possibilities. Look, this isn’t a newsflash to me. For as long as I can remember I’ve had people tell me to stop asking, “just do it” or the WORST — “that’s just the way we’ve always done it”. Along with the ever popular — “your communication style can be intimidating”. If you want to know the honest truth — you can count on me to deliver it, even if it’s painful to you. I have a feeling Brian Solis is the same way.

My own life is at a crossroads after leaving Infusionsoft and choosing what steps are next for me. The past couple of weeks have been overwhelming for me — but in a good way. Actually, in an unbelievably great way. Since my departure from Infusionsoft, offers, opportunities, kindness, support, tough love and ideas have come at me full force. And I have clearly identified who my powerful community is and I know exactly what dead weight to jettison. The universe delivered a full force roundhouse kick to my face. Message received. I won’t stop questioning. I won’t stop moving forward even when others are pushing back. I will continue to fight for the underdog (usually the customer or employees) and I will roll with the punches.

Today Brian reminded me to question everything. He reminded me this is THE moment right now, everything is changing and I have a role in it. The good news is — you have a role in it to. Whether you engage or not is entirely up to you.

Question everything.

Originally published on LinkedIn Pulse.

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